About Ayurveda

“A physician, though well versed in the knowledge and treatment of disease, who does not enter into the heart of the patient with the virtue of light and love, will not be able to heal the patient.” – Charaka – the Father of Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurveda is a traditional Indian method of healing.  It is a method of healing based on the individual, a system of understanding life with principles that come directly from the laws of nature.   For example, when we feel sick, often we want to stop eating and take a rest from our daily lives.  We instinctively know what is right for us.  In modern life, disease comes when we ignore our instincts and repeatedly make choices that are against our natural rhythms.

When the body is out of balance it starts to send us little messages, such as, heaviness after meals, bloating, wind, acid reflux, headaches, constipation, depression, anxiety, weight gain – these can be the first signs of illness.  If left untreated the body will continue to create more serious conditions down the track.  Ayurveda allows the body to heal itself naturally from re-occurring pain and illness.

Known as the ‘science of life’, Ayurveda is a practical method that helps us to live in harmony with the earth’s natural rhythms and our daily lives.  As a science of self-healing, it helps you to understand how your body reacts with your diet, lifestyle and those you have in your life, as well as your body’s reaction to the change in seasons.

Through a thorough and deep understanding of all parts of the plants, minerals, even animal products, the science of Ayurveda makes very detailed recommendations for diet, lifestyle, and disease treatment.  It encompasses diet & nutrition, lifestyle, rest and exercise, state of the emotions, medicinal herbs, along with cleansing and rejuvenation programs for healing body and mind.

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