Ayurvedic Flu Survival Tips – feel better faster

Ayurveda Flu & Cold Survival Tips- feel better faster

Jeez, it has started early!  This week I have a number of bookings in my clinic with clients already suffering from flu. Flu season seems to be in full force this year and it may be too late for some to discuss prevention – but you can feel better faster!

Instead of getting bogged down, flush out the toxins with therapies, eat warming foods and support your immune system so you feel better sooner!  Ayurveda has some time-tested tips and all-natural remedies to get you feeling better sooner.

Life in Balance Ayurveda also has some Ayurvedic Flu Fighting Tea, an Ayurvedic Flu Fighting Kit and a therapy for flu treatment available below:

  1. Flush out toxins. You know the old adage: Drink plenty of fluids when you’re sick. Ayurveda is more specific: Drink lots of hot water or teas. Why? According to this ancient healing system, hot water/teas:
  • Is easier for the body to absorb than tepid or cold water
  • Flushes out immunity-compromising ama (toxins) from your system
  • Hydrates your mucus membranes, loosening mucus
  • Pacifies the dry, cold Vata dosha with its hot, hydrating properties.


2. Reduce fever and congestion with Tulsi tea.

Tulsi – or Sacred Basil – is considered one of the most purifying Ayurvedic herbs. When it comes to colds and flus, tulsi can help reduce headaches and fevers, relieve congestion, and support digestion. So, if you are fighting the flu try drinking one or two cups of tulsi a day.  Our Flu Survival Tea has a base of Tulsi mixed with other herbs.

3. Burn off toxins with ginger tea.

Ginger Tea is good for more than your digestion—it is also a powerful expectorant and helps get rid of phlegm (Kapha dosha).  It will help to expel congestion and support good circulation.  It will help sharpening focus while bogged down with the flu.  To make your own ginger tea steep ½ tsp of grated fresh ginger in hot water.

4. Do a warm salt water gargle.

Gargling warm salt water not only helps loosen any stubborn mucus in the throat, it also cleans out bacteria and germs. Dissolve a half teaspoon of high-quality Himalayan salt or sea salt into a half cup of warm water, gargle for at least 30 seconds and repeat twice a day while sick, and at least once a day throughout the week after sickness has cleared up.

  1. Eat this Ayurvedic superfood.

The flu can really run you down and compromise your immune system, making it harder to fight back against the virus. Kick-start your own immunity can be enhanced by delivering the immune-boosting nutrition we need by ingesting one of Ayurveda’s most famous rejuvenating formulas called Chyawanprash.  Chyawanprash has over 40 different herbs and is full of vitamin C and antioxidants needed to help fight off the flu.

6. Give yourself an Ayurvedic self-massage every day and get into an Infrared Sauna.

Giving yourself a daily self-massage with warm Black Sesame oil is going to calm down the nervous system.  And by supporting this in turn supports our immunity and the functioning of the whole body and you will feel better sooner.  Do this followed by an infrared sauna and you are eliminating the build-up of toxins in your body.

  1. Favour warming foods

Choose to eat light, simple and warm foods, particularly clear broths, clear liquids (hot water or teas) and seasonal light veggies.  Avoid foods that might bog down your digestion and have thick, heavy & sticky qualities such as sticky breads, meat and dairy.

** Check out our website for my recipe for an Ayurvedic soup/gruel specific for flu.


If you need individual support this season, give us a ring and book in for a personal consultation, 07 5455 5050.

  • Ayurvedic Flu Survival Tea – $30, includes Tulsi (Sacred Basil) and other organic herbs
  • Ayurvedic Flu Survival Kit – $72, includes herbal jams, teas and an immune energy boosting formulation
  • Ayurvedic Therapy for flu treatment: Full-body Abhyanga with Infrared Sauna – 90 mins $135
  • Join us for another of our popular cooking classes:
    Ayurvedic Winter Warmer Cooking Class – tips for a blissful Winter season on Saturday, 1stJune from 10-1pm.



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