Ayurvedic ONLINE 7-Day Spring Cleanse – Join anytime before end of November

Spring has SPRUNG… and it’s time to cleanse your body!

Join us for a fully-supported ONLINE Ayurvedic 7-Day Spring Cleanse which you can do in the comfort of your own home, yet be supported by a fully-qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner.

Statistics say 70% of cleanses done ALONE are never finished. During this 7-Day Spring Cleanse you will be fully supported everyday and you are able to post and ask questions not only with Heidi DeWald Veraa, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Cleansing Specialist, but also with others who have already gone through the cleans .

Ayurveda recognises that Spring is a natural cleansing season. Once we shed the chill of Winter off and move into the warmth of Spring, the body responds by releasing & flushing out toxins that it holds onto and accumulates over the cooler Winter months.

As you move into Spring, you may notice some changes in your body with unexplained stuffy noses, more mucous accumulating in your sinuses, at the back of your throat or a stickiness on your tongue etc.

What happens as a result of the body cleaning itself is the increase in Spring related allergies, a feeling of heaviness/sluggishness in your body, stronger body odour, perhaps some water retention and even a loss of appetite. All of these symptoms are a sign of – what we say in Ayurveda – Kapha increasing in the body as the body detoxes itself.

Join us for the full, but gentle, 7-day ONLINE Spring Cleanse, where you will enjoy a clearer mind, naturally lose weight and your body and mind will be ready for the Summer months ahead. Spring is the best time of year to lose weight.

Our 7-day Spring Cleanse Includes:

  • An online Skype 20-minute Ayurvedic consultation prior to starting (or by phone)
  • Access to our private Facebook cleanse group to answer any questions you may have along the way – your cleansing community support
  • Medicines and oils applicable to your Constitution for the cleanse **Please note that postage in not included in the cost of the cleanse
  • Videos and daily emails guiding you through each step of the cleanse
  • Shopping lists, meal plans, self care daily rituals
  • Instructions on how to ease off the cleanse

Investment: AUS$199, plus postage of individual specific medicines and oils needed for your cleanse. $25 will be added to the total for participants in Australia. The Cleanse will take place together from 14th – 20th September.

No matter if you live in the Bush, an area without access to a Practitioner or in a busy city, we can all come together and Spring Cleanse as a group. Anyone across Australia and New Zealand can join us!

Ayurveda is a common sense medicine we need in modern society. Originating more than 5,000 years ago in India. Ayurveda is a traditional medical science based on natural principles that apply to all life.

Heidi DeWald Veraa is a fully-qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner, cleansing and detoxing specialist and yoga teacher who has spent over 20 years guiding people to find the tools to heal themselves. Heidi is also the founder of Life in Balance Ayurveda and Yoga in Noosa, Queensland and runs the centre with her husband Joe.

For more information, or to book your cleanse, email info@yourlifeinbalance.com.au OR book in through our store on the website.

Once booked in you will receive a welcome pack with details about how to book-in your consultation.

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  1. Uli Reply

    October 2020. I have just completed the 7 day spring cleanse with Heidi and enjoyed every day. At times there was tiredness and at times I felt full of beans, or to quote myself “I felt like mustard seeds popping in hot ghee”. The recipes were easy to follow and delicious, especially the Kitchari. I am still eating it. Throughout the whole 7 days Heidi stayed in contact with us through daily emails and made herself available if needed. The manual we received was an excellent guideline and full of information. I joined because I felt I needed to reset my body and start changing some habits that hadn’t served me in some time. The cleanse and Heidi’s support certainly have sent me on the path to do so. I am fortunate enough to live close to the Life in Balance Yoga studio and managed to also have two lympathic massages plus infra red sauna during the cleanse. Amazing. I am learning to be gentle to my own body and to honour where I am at right here and now. The slight changes feel good and I feel encouraged to continue on an Aryvedic path with Heidi to reach a place of better health and overall wellbeing. I’m looking forward to do the Autumn Cleanse.

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