Detoxing supports your Immune System – It’s time for my Online Autumn Cleanse


Detoxing boosts your immune system.

Join me for my 7-day Online Autumn Cleanse, 25th April – 1st May together as a group (or feel free to cleanse on your own outside of these dates).

Your body is ripe for a deep tissue detox!  At the end of summer as your body is heated, the body swells and your blood, liver, spleen and lymph are loaded with toxins ready to be eliminated.

Detoxing boosts your immune system.  This time of year, your body is naturally detoxing from Summer, so let’s cleanse together so that you and your immune system are stronger and healthier.

When your mind is not at ease, problems can occur in your body.  Collectively, at the moment there is high uncertainty, anxiety, perhaps fear and stress about change.

Experience how cleaning out the channels of your body and detoxing the toxins, you can heal your body and reverse the effects of the chronic stress, anxiety and the busyness we have known live in. It will support your immune system, regenerate the cells, clear your mind and help your focus better.

Join me for the Online Autumn Cleanse as a supported group together or cleanse on your own, in your own time.  Step into our SHOP here to join me:  Autumn Cleanse

The Autumn Cleanse is AUD$199 and includes:

  • Zoom Meeting Consultation with Heidi Veraa, Ayurvedic Practioner
  • All individual medicines you need for the cleanse, posted to you (within Australia) Check in in you live overseas
  • Autumn Cleansing Guide
  • Recipes
  • Shopping List
  • Autumn foods that support your body
  • Daily supportive emails
  • Facebook private group support

Imbalance that can lead to disease in your body presents itself in many forms within us, from digestive issues, weight gain, fatigue, depression and anxiety as well as just not having enough oomph to keep going.

There is change happening around us and we are in a perfect season of the year to detox!

Here in the Southern Hemisphere, April brings a great shift in seasons into Autumn and this is one of the best times of year to cleanse the body of excessive heat, acidity, heavy metals and toxins that have been building up in your body over the last two seasons.  This time of year, we work with the natural flow of nature and how your body functions to clean out the liver, pancreas and spleen.

These are powerful Ayurvedic cleansing methods that really do help you to live a longer and healthier life.

Join me and journey into the rhythm of the seasons. Reset your rhythm, it is time to steer yourself into new possibilities of feeling oh, so much better!

Our Autumn Cleanse at Life in Balance Ayurveda is ready for you NOW!  Give us a ring and book yourself in for a personal detox plan: 07 5455 5050 or email

Of course, if you have if you need help with a personal issue, feel free to book in for a personal program and consultation.

Heidi DeWald Veraa is a fully- qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Therapist and Yoga Teacher, who for over a decade has specialised in cleansing and detoxing the body through Classical Ayurveda.  She is the founder of Life in Balance Ayurveda & Yoga and the Sundara Ayurveda Retreat Centre in the Hinterland of Noosa on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia



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