Fresh Coconut Chutney

One of my favourite chutneys for Summer hands down is a fresh coconut chutney.  Serve that with some fresh idlis and it’s one of my all time favourite meals.  Enjoy!


(A) For the Chutney:
▪ 1 cup fresh grated coconut or 1 cup desiccated dried coconut **
▪ 1 green chili
▪ ½ inch ginger
▪ couple of healthy handfuls of fresh mint
▪ ¼ cup tamarind juice or lemon juice (optional, but adds great flavour)
▪ couple pinches of black/pink salt & fresh ground black pepper
▪ add water if needed

(B) For the tempering:
▪ ¾ tsp black mustard seeds
▪ ¾ tsp cumin seeds
▪ ½ med size onion finely sliced
▪ 1 sprig of curry leaves
▪ a pinch of asafoetida/hing
▪ 4-5 dried red chili (optional, but adds wonderful flavour)
▪ 1 tbsp ghee

1. Blend & whizz together all the ingredients mentioned in (A) with little water to a rough-ish consistency.
2. (B) Heat ghee in a small pan. Add the mustard seeds. When they pop and oil releases, add the cumin seeds. Fry for couple of minutes.
3. Then add onion until browned, then add curry leaves, red chili (optional) and asafoetida.  Fry for minute or two
4. Mix 2/3 of tempering with the coconut chutney and blend again. Once blended add remaining tempering to coconut chutney and serve

Serve coconut chutney with any Summer dahl, curry, idli or dosa of your choice.

**If using dried coconut, fry up the coconut with the tempering and add a bit more water

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