Kitchari: The healing meal

Kitchari is one of my comfort foods.  My husband and I do a cleanse twice a year and this meal is what we base our diet on during that time.  I do mix it up sometimes by adding some steamed spinach or some sort of steamed leafy green.  But honestly, this has to be one of my favourite dishes, its just full of goodness.  Good for any season of the year and it’s tri-Doshic.  Here is my basic recipe:

Kitchari with Ghee and Black Pepper.


  • 3 tbls Ghee, place in pan and heat to smoking then add
  • 1 tsp Black Mustard seeds (let them pop) then 1 tsp Cumin seeds and 1 tsp Ajwain seed (Indian celery seed – found at an Indian grocer). And cook for one minute.
  • Add one tbls fresh grated ginger and one finely chopped brown onion. Cook until onion is transparent.
  • Then add ½ tsp Asofitida, 1.5 tsp turmeric, powdered or fresh chilli, salt and black pepper. Cook 2 mins.
  • Then add one bulb of chopped garlic and one chopped Roma tomato – cook tomato until it turns to a jam-like consistency.
  • Finally add 2/3 cup Mung dahl or red lentils (soaked for at least 2 hours) and 1/3 cup rice. Cook for two minutes in the pan.
  • Finally add 5-6 cups water and cover. Stir occasionally.
  • Cook covered for 25-30mins

Once cooked, put some kitchari in a bowl and if you like add ½ tsp ghee, pinch of black pepper and some toasted sesame seeds with black salt.

Enjoy!  Digest well, be well.

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  1. Chris Reply

    Hello Heidi,
    I met you at the Spring Clean workshop last month and spoke to you about Ayurvidic study. Can you give me more details of what you are offering for next year including timetable, length of study and cost?
    Not sure that an on line course would suit me…….computers are not very inspiring for me.

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