We love Spring… but are you suffering in your sinuses?

We love Spring… but is anyone suffering a bit in their sinuses?

In Spring, an Ayurvedic therapy known as Nasya, opens the breathing channels as well as clearing and open opening the mind.  Nasya is also great for snoring, allergies, blocked sinuses – sinusitis, sleep apnea and headaches.

The therapy starts off with a relaxing facial marma point massage and steam.  You will feel great!  This is followed by the administration of a few drops of medicated oil into each nostril that will clear and release the sinuses.

I have seen wonders happen using this therapy with my clients over the years.  And, the beauty of Nasya is that it can be applied any time of the year.

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We also have Spring Nasya Oil available for $24 so you can use it daily if you need it.

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