You can rewrite history… Inner Child Retreat Weekend

You can rewrite history! By unlocking your programming.

Inner Child Retreat Weekend – 18th – 20th September, non-residential

Are you thinking Inner Child work was SO old?  The reason we are still talking to the inner child is because we now understand it is the part of the brain that has been programmed with the limiting beliefs of the culture.

Are there negative patterns that you are aware of but can’t shift?  The emotional wounding you have experienced keeps these patterns locked in place and running on automatic.

In this weekend retreat, you are going to gain the insight into the part of your identity that still functions in childhood programming.  Any area of your life that is on repeat.  You will be able to identify the patterns and we will do activations and processes that will release the old patterns from your brain.  So that your mind is free to expand your consciousness.

Differentiate the mind, the brain and the consciousness, this is leading edge conscious awareness.

People are still identifying with their brain as that is who you are – the key to your true power and living the life that you want is to realize that you ARE NOT the contents of your brain! These are learned thinking patterns, behaviours and responses.

  • Your beliefs have been programmed into your brain
  • The whole paradigm that you see life from and how you think about yourself, has nothing to do with who you really are

Not only will you be able identify your old patterns but will have experiences that will shift them.  You can rewrite history, by unlocking your programming.  Join us for the life shifting weekend.

Bring a notebook and pen, you are going to want to write this down!

This weekend retreat will be led by Aurora Hammond. B.SocWk.M.A.Psych

Aurora has been a Psychotherapist and social worker for over 30 years. She has trained counsellors, nurses, social workers in helping skills and been a lecturer at the University of Tasmania and University of NSW. She founded and ran the government accredited College of Holistic Counselling in Sydney for 20 years and trained hundreds of practicing counsellors and therapists.

She combines this wealth of experience with her own personal and spiritual journey, being most interested in the evolution of human consciousness and being able to live a joyful life in the midst of a chaotic world. Aurora moved to the Sunshine Coast from Sydney and now lives proudly at Lake MacDonald.

When: Friday – Sunday, 18th-20th September, 10-4pm – Non-Residential
Venue: Sundara Retreat Centre, Black Mountain, Cooroy – Noosa Hinterland
Exchange: $399 – please bring your own lunch, teas and water will be provided

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